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What do you need to shift, embrace, or let go of to get there?

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LAURA REESE (aka Lilith Reese)

Guide, Ritual Master, Life Activation Practitioner & Healer Certified by the Modern Mystery School

LAURA is highly effective at  guiding her clients to experience breakthroughs.

With a trained eye she pinpoints the adjustments required to successfully harmonize a person's inner and outer worlds, using lineage modalities and her innate wisdom. As a Guide, Teacher, and Ritual Master in the Lineage of King Salomon, she has trained in ancient energy clearing and healing modalities through the Modern Mystery School for over a 11 years.

It brings Laura great joy to guide people through their process of healing so that they may recover their Crown and live fulfilling, magickal lives. The healings and classes she offers empowers her clients to create greater balance and harmony in all areas of their lives.

Through the Empower Thyself Class and Initiation, clients receive deeper levels of spiritual Knowledge that leads to deeper awakening and awareness of their life purpose. With Feng Shui Home Styling a space feels renewed, looks beautiful, and  holds more light, which supports harmonious relationships AND contributes greatly to personal advancement.

Alongside her work as a Spiritual Guide, Laura is an independent mother as well as the Chief Visionary Officer for Dr. Theresa Bullard - a Physicist, International Instructor, and Host of Mystery Teachings on Gaia TV.

Laura believes it is every human's birthright to live fully ALIVE.
Connect with her to learn of the practices and tools for empowerment and progression she offers for advancing your life.

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An opportunity for you and I to connect and curate a "plan of action" for you.

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"There are two worlds and I am a man of both.
The physical world and the spiritual world.
Most people ignore the spiritual world and perhaps that is OK. The only thing I would say is missing in the life of those who do, is that they don’t know themselves, and that is so important.

Otherwise we are lost in the illusion of life, this matrix that is confusing and disorienting.

The ancient Sages told us: Know Thyself and this has been my mission in life, to help people find themselves.

There are two worlds, knowing them is a good thing - it can only be positive for your life..."
                                                                           ~ Founder Gudni Gudnason

Classes and Events

To enhance your senses and gratify your Spirit.




Astral Travel Class





Sanctuary Meditation


17 - 18



Empower Thyself Program





Full Moon Meditation & Fire Circle

Wilton Manors




Summer Solstice Ceremony

Wilton Manors

Empower Thyself class & Initiation

Empower Thyself ~ This course will introduce you to metaphysical concepts and ancient teachings to EMPOWER your life with the secrets of the sages that have been kept hidden throughout history.

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Ancient Healing Arts

Etheric clearing and rebalancing for empowering the Human spirit to reach it's fullest potential.

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Executive Advisory

Support for Executives in gaining internal clarification for productive external communication.

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Feng Shui Home Styling

Attuning the energy and decor of a space to create an atmosphere tthat is nurturing, peaceful, and elevated.

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Metaphysical Classes

The Modern Mystery School has a powerful set of classes aligned with the divine designs of the Universe. Through these teachings, you learn that you have the power to bridge the spiritual and the physical realms in your life to create for the better.

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