A Gathering Circle ~ a Friday night out for 'Conscious Moms'! Put the kiddos to bed, kiss the hubby good night, and come join the Circle!

Conscious Mother's ~ Globally

I am a Mother. I am an independent Woman, care giver, mentor, Spiritual Guide, Practitioner, homemaker, business owner, preistess and...did I mention Mother? Most importantly so because it does not matter what hat of womanhood I am wearing - the overall wellbeing of my child is at the top of my priorities list. I can be in a business meeting or a workout class, laying on the beach or soaking in the tub - when my child's teacher calls or she cry's out - I automatically drop everything and go to her aid. We do this for our children..it's simply a part of motherhood for all of us. So having our children be in a continuous healthy state, mentally, physically, energetically, emotionally is crucial for us as mothers because as they are - our personal lives as women are able to further develop and progress.

Conscious Mother's ~ Globally is a container for conscious mother's who wear many hats; to come together for 'lady talk', collaborate on ideas, engage in dialog that will guide us to nurture and connect to ourselves, seek and share advise for life and raising our children to be conscious, empowered, individuals.

Every time we gather in circle, the conversations will be different as the attendees vary month by month. We who show up will set the tone organically for the evenings Circle.
I do however have a few guidelines in place to ensure this Circle remains a healthy and productive container for all who decide to step into it. These guidelines I'll share in a moment but first I'd like to present a special book I've come across. It's titled "Circle Round ~ Raising Children In Goddess Tradition". By: Starhawk, Diane Baker, Anne Hill

The book was written my three potent, inspiring, women & mothers who felt the desire to raise their children with understanding of Mother Natures cycle's and seasons, and to provide their kiddos insight into the old ways of life rooted deep in magick, connection, and wonder. These ladies took note of the need for reintroducing 'the way of the Goddess' back into the collective consciousness and felt the calling to put the ancient knowledge and tools back into the hands parents. This book I am excited to delve into together.
Each time we gather, I'll share from the book a different topic for us to contemplate and take home to practice with our children. I hope you feel inspired to pick up your own copy and begin reading and collecting the nuggets of gold offered within. Take note of what you find - mark the page and you'll be invited to share your findings with the Circle as well. In this way we learn and absorb each others inspirations.

Last but not least - a few guidelines to keep us on track:
 1. This is very intentionally called "Conscious Mothers" because it is meant for mothers who are making a strong effort to live healthy lives ( to the best of their abilities and understandings) and to live in a spiritually conscious way in harmony with all living things. This does not imply that we are to be "perfect" but rather that we all live in a state of "striving for perfection", being the best, most authentic versions of ourselves possible in the moment.
 2. Since we are clear on what is meant by Conscious Mothers - We can assume we all understand this to exclude :drama, bad mouthing other people ( especially spouses or men), offensive statements or negative projections. For disclosure ~ I make an effort to be politically correct however I am rooted in my truth which does not always sync up the the current societal trends or cancel cultures. I request everyone in attendance be intentional with what we bring to the circle, to think before we speak and to intentionally avoid introducing topics that may easily be controversial or taken offense to. As we be our Goddess selves in circle focusing on the ancient ways, magick and progression - there should be little room for the negative ego to get in the way with modern mumble jumble. :)

I am Lilith Reese - feel free to find my on social media ( @lilithreese777) and please reach out via email.
I am excited to meet you, to connect, and sit with you in circle.

P.s. Warning - I am known for introducing a few songs for ecstatic dance into the evenings mix as well. ;)

Contact me with any ideas or questions you have regarding this bi-weekly gathering.

See you soon!
Much Love & Light ~ Lilith Reese