Let your space serve you...

Home Attunements &
Crystal Gridding for Spaces and Property

What if upon entering your home you immediately felt received, calmed, and inspired. Or upon entering your bedroom the energy was such that you become instantly tranquil and felt nurtured as if you're in your own personal healing sanctuary. What if you could enter your office and the environment was such it harmonized you with your projects and tasks at hand allowing you to accomplish them with speed, grace, and ease. This is exactly what a Spacial Attunement delivers! Below are the two components of my Spacial Attunement service:

1. Our personal spaces store energy from the past. This energy can be both positive and negative and is stored in items like pictures, tables, chairs, rugs. The energy carried by people visiting or living in a space can be absorbed by the actual space itself. Have you had the experience of someone in your home who's energy was clearly of a lower frequency and felt the lower frequency linger in your space after the person had left? The energy occupants/guests bring into our home can remain long after they've departed. You may have experienced this with Roommates, severed relationships, or deceased companions - regardless of where the energy came from, it's important to clear it out and transmute it. The Spacial Attunement is incredibly helpful in restoring clarity and harmony to a space.

2. Prior to energy clearing, it's important the physical space be organized, cleaned, and decorated with awareness and Feng Shui to honor the use of the space - complimenting the client's personal taste, and intentions of use. How this typically plays out ... I arrive to a client's home to review the spaces to be attuned. We take the house/dwelling room by room, starting with the living or communal space. If need be, I guide the client through a process of decluttering, letting go, releasing items that no longer resonate or are of importance to them. Doing so allows the spacial energy to feel immediately clearer. Next, we discuss their design goals, how they desire their space to look, feel, and I take note of functions the space is meant to serve. We review the decor items they currently have in place and decide what to keep, let go of, and make note of new items required to meet the design goals. Lastly we'll explore the details around design ensuring that functionality is covered and our design plan is within budget. We set a time frame, and I go to work!

Clearing out the old items and decor, restructuring what's there and bringing in new items to create the space of perfection can be a simple 2 hour task or can be a 2 month task depending on how deep the client is ready to go.

Once the decor is set and the desired ambiance is created - we place the icing on the cake by energetically clearing, gridding, and filling the space with light - leaving the client with a completely new experience of their space; one that harmonizes and fully supports their creation of success in every area of life!

I look forward to the opportunity to serve you by creating a sacred, aligned spacial environment for you to bask in and expand from!

All My Best,
               Lilith Reese

Spacial Energy Clearing 

Prices will very depending on size of room being cleared - prices below are per room

$45 - $75

Spacial Re-alignment /Interior Decorating

Prices will very depending on size of room being re-aligned - prices below are per room

$ 50 - $125 

Decluttering and Organization 

Decluttering and Organization support is offered on a per hour rate


Crystal Gridding for
Spaces or Property 

Price will very depending on how many grids and which specific grids you choose for each room. There are 5 grids to select from depending on the space and how it is utilized. Contact me to learn more about the grids we provide and their special uses.

$65-$85/Per Room